Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another barrier to patients with HIV/AIDS

They reported that, they are not providing their medicines in hospitals  
"Deaths occurred in the last 15 days of people with AIDS in hospitals of Puerto Rico will be due to Lorenzo González", sentenced Anselmo Fonseca. (file)
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Patients with HIV/AIDS who are hospitalized are not being provided their maintenance drugs, which violates the Charter of rights of the carriers of the Virus HIV/AIDS, reported two organizations that represent them.
That bill of rights is the law 349, adopted in 2000 and establishes that persons with HIV/AIDS are entitled to adequate and appropriate treatment.
Anselmo Fonseca, spokesman for AIDS Patients pro Sane Policy, and Ivette González, of the Permanent Assembly of persons infected and affected with HIV/AIDS in Puerto Rico (APPIA), said that in more than two meetings with the Secretary of health, Lorenzo González, they have specified problems patients with HIV and AIDS hospitalized are facing.
But they assured that they have not had any reply of the Secretary. Yesterday Health Secretary did not respond to the request for interview on this subject.
"It occurs in both public hospitals and private." On the one hand, they do not provide medications and there is no proper management of these cases in the hospitals. "Are going backwards", said the spokesman of APPIA.
He added that patients with HIV/AIDS do not receive their medicines and treatment in time and as it should be, they are easy prey for opportunistic diseases that can lead to death.
Fonseca abounded in the case of an HIV-positive woman admitted to a hospital - not specified - because her disease progressed to AIDS. Still hospitalized, said Fonseca, the infectologist would not give her medication for her illness. Other patients in other hospitals requires family members to bring medicines rather than provide them in the hospital told Fonseca.
For her part, Gonzalez noticed another woman who was in a hospital - which she also would not pointed out - in where she was operated in the head. That same patient and her families did not learned that she was HIV-positive until they read the documents from the hospital.
Both Fonseca and Gonzalez ensured that these are not the only cases of which they have knowledge.
"Any death that occurred in the last 15 days of people with AIDS in hospitals of Puerto Rico will be due to Lorenzo González," said Fonseca.
"There is a denial by some members of the medical class in treating  and handling people with HIV/AIDS." "We don't know how to handle them," said Gonzalez
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