Monday, October 4, 2010

Satisfaction with agreement for buprenorphine distribution plan

October 3, 2010

An agreement was reached between the Community Initiative Organization and the Department of Health to develop a buprenorphine distribution plan, through the Administration for Mental Health Care and Drug Addiction Services.
The agreement will have Community Initiative administer the methadone centers in Aguadilla, Ponce, and Caguas in the next 90 days. New Progressive Party Rep. Julissa Nolasco Ortíz, who had previously collaborated with CIO as a health professional in the “Contigo Mujer” (With You, Woman) program for HIV patients, described the decision as “very precise”.
Rep. Nolasco Ortiz mentioned that “the decision made by Health Department Secretary Lorenzo González has been the wisest one.  Dr .(José) Vargas Vidot (of CIO), is a proven professional who is committed to mental health.
He is the person who has demonstrated more commitment in the struggle with this and other social problems on the island.
He hasn’t used his knowledge to make money, instead he has used it to help Puerto Rico. I’m certain that under Dr. Vargas Vidot’s leadership, we will be able to develop an effective program against addiction.”
The plan also contemplates for CIO to help the Health Department and AMHCDAS establish public policy regarding buprenorphine, obtain collaboration from other community groups with experience in the area of addiction treatment such as Hogares CREA, and transform centers into units of admission, stabilization, and referral. 

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